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     Since 2001, the road of science and technology has been committed to the r&d and production of waterproof, waterproof plug socket, the road brand waterproof connector series of products covering large current waterproof connector, circular waterproof connector, LED waterproof power supply cord, RJ45 waterproof connectors waterproof connector, Y type line, the deep, IP68 waterproof connectors, computer peripheral cable, power cord, industrial waterproof connector, tee tee signal waterproof plug wire, cable connector, cable plug, LED street lamp power supply waterproof connector line and so on more than 10 kinds of models. For the product, we strive to make customers satisfied, don't pass a spark of quality problems. We made the first-class products, first-class technical bold introduction of advanced equipment, relying on quality to create brand, providing customers with the best quality products, consumer groups at home and abroad of establishing a good reputation in image.

    Waterproof plug manufacturing equipment

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