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    "The road of science and technology" is engaged in wire and cable, cable joint production and marketing, research and development of large current waterproof connectors, waterproof connectors, waterproof electrical outlet for many years, has made significant achievements. Ten years of ups and downs, we gradually become mature and stable waterproof connectors, "road" brand of waterproof connectors has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, get more and more peer recognition and professionals. Ten years, there have been new and old customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us, won many domestic large projects, and the opportunity to work with all kinds of large projects of international reputation. The following list some engineering case, in no particular before and after, to worship at all!

    International cases: Beijing Olympic stadium the bird's nest, water cube, the guangzhou Asian games and yuncheng, new international airport in Bangkok, Thailand, shenzhen western corridor (Hong Kong), the new prison inmates, the Hong Kong Olympic racetrack, the 2010 Shanghai world expo China pavilion...

    Domestic case:

    People's park, panyu, guangzhou, south China new town, huadu, panyu Clifford saemaul undong, panyu xu view garden, guangzhou east lake palace garden, guangzhou institute of foreign languages, panyu factory made white group, guangzhou customs, guangzhou zhujiang hospital...

    Houjie town, dongguan city: everbright garden, JingHu spring garden, emerald green garden, east China merlot angel, the holiday inn in the party, the new century hao garden phase one, two, three, main mountain sand mouth square lighting engineering, shunde music from the international furniture city, the first international...

    Shenzhen: shenzhen hongye garden, nanshan, schools, army base, electrical building in the school, the city of crystal, longgang rose garden, nanshan vegetation names, kingkey Oriental, the shenzhen stock exchange, yingda - her dragon garden, the kernel of phase ii, WuZhou amorous feelings MALL...

    Other projects: Beijing hualian department store build store, xiamen green home, foshan 1860 customer service center, off the coast of zhaoqing city industrial and commercial bureau, xiamen future...

    Live service and cooperation

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